graphic from 1924 film fan magazine

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1924. Scott Fitzgerald, motoring on the French Riviera, was revising a manuscript, The Great Gatsby. In New York, Marion Harris recorded Gus Khan & Isham Jones' new song, "It Had To Be You."
Keaton in Hollywood was shooting Sherlock, Jr. and Fairbanks, The Thief of Bagdad. Murnau in Berlin was wrapping up The Last Laugh. In London, Herbert Pointing was releasing again The Great White Silence, shot in Antarctica a dozen years before.
Lenin died, Stalin started his purges, Hitler went to jail. Marcus Lowe cobbled MGM together out of Metro Pictures, Goldwyn Picture Corp., and Louis B. Mayer Pictures. Thomas Ince perished on his yacht—of a heart attack or a gun shot wound.
Osa and Martin Johnson safaried in Kenya with porters, dried hide chairs, and hand-cranked motion picture cameras. Malory and Irvine vanished on Mt. Everest.
Astronomer Edwin Hubble marked the Milky Way as a pebble in the ocean of cosmos and said so. 1924.