Companion and lawyer shielding her like centurions, Alice White kneads up a smile before the Los Angeles County Grand Jury Room. August 13, 1933. Los Angeles Times photo.
Jurors weighed charges but declined to prosecute White's companion, 'Sy" Bartlett. Prosecutors charged that, at White's behest, Bartlett hired thugs to pummel actor John Warburton, reputedly White's former lover.
Employees' Entrance (1933), dir. Roy DelRuth
Her opp-doo-di-doo voice and flouncing manner made Alice White the perfect early talkie floozie. She glittering like a Woolworth's rhinestone, and Depression-era audiences briefly made her a star.
"Just a few years ago, she was pounding a studio typewriter. Today, she thrills millions when she stars in a picture," a cigarette ad featuring Alice White said.