autochrome, French soliders in Paris 1920 autochrome, Parisian shop owner and family, 1914
May 1, 1920
June 24, 1914
autochrome, Grand Cinema Plasir, Paris, 1918
May 14, 1918
  Grand Cinéma Plaisir, 95, rue de la Roquette, Paris  
  Before the next door shoe store, The Grand Cinéma Plaisir was touting Zigomar, the serial that the theater featured that week.  
  Zigomar led a gypsy thief band to rob, kidnap, and murder.  His mask expressed his nefarious soul. Countless times, Parisian policeman Paulin Broaquet would seemingly dispatch him, but, relentlessly, Zigomar returned.  In this episode dating from 1912, the American detective Nick Carter assumes the role of Zigomar’s antagonist.  
  That day, May 14, 1918, German and Australian soldiers were annihilating each other with Maxim guns at Morlancourt, 96 miles from Rue Roquette.  
  World War One would continue for six more agonizing months. The autochromist saw all.  
autochrome, Paris women, 1919