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A Double Life (1947), dir. George Cukor. Script by Ruth Gordon and Garson Kanin
  Soon to appear as Othello in a Broadway-bound production of Othello, an actor (Ronald Colman, whose birth name was Roland Charles Colman) expresses the actor's paradox to a waitress (Shelley Winters, born as Shirley Schrift).  

Morris Morrison Stanislavksi as Othello, Stanislavsky
"Artiste laureate and pride of Jewry, the world-famous star, Morris Morrison, who has been a player at the Kaiser's court, has performed for the Tsar in St. Petersburg, and has appeared in Moscow, Riga, Warsaw, and Odessa, has agreed, out of love and reverence for his Jewish coreligionists, once and only once to tread the boards of the Yiddish stage, and he hopes that by performing the roles of Hamlet and Othello he may..." (June 11, 189?)
Constantin Stanislavski as Othello (1896)
  "I dreamed I saw him once on television.
And I thought he felt the camera with his eyes.
When they asked him why he wore the mask in public,
he said, 'This is my face. It covers my disguise.'"
  Chuck Prophet, "He Came from So Far Away"