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Féerie (enchantment) effects were all the cranks, winches, and other contraptions levitating, lowering, and migrating props and sets in the fairy tale spectacle popular in 19th century French theater.
Not camera tricks, but mobile sets on tracks and costumes deriving directly from féerie stagecraft create the fairy tale atmosphere in this Méliès shot shot from Le Palais des 1001 nuits/The Palace of 1001 Nights (1905).
Méliès describes the féerie effect with pride in The Complete Catalogue of "Star" Films (New York, 1905): "This decoration, which was made only after considerable labor, is a veritable marvel of achievement. It possess a great artistic beauty."

Eden Theater, Eden Theatre, Féerie In Paris on the Boulevard des Capucines, close to the intimate Theatre Robert Houdin where Méliès performed as stage magician in the 1890s, the 4,000 seat Eden Theatre in the 1880s staged elaborate féeries and ballets. This one was "The Lamb's Foot," a " grand spectacle in three acts and 18 tableaux."