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Person and Role

This exercise teaches:

● How to evaluate an actor’s demo reel for style, presence, personality, command
● How an actor delivers text or subtext or both
● How an actor’s body speaks
● How the actor’s face can be the mask of a director

Cyrano, Apollinaire Theater
Robert Mantell, Hamlet
  The face of a movie actor is the mask of a movie director.  
    Sara Bernhardt starred in the first movie Hamlet (1900). 202 Hamlet movies later, Mark Headly offered the latest, Looking for Hamlet (2013).
To act is to slip into a script and emerge with the shadow that the scriptwriter left there for you.
Animals feign, flowers dissimulate, but humans perform. Consider how a computer voice delivers Hamlet's "To Be or Not to Be."
    1. Consider what each of these actors, working for four different directors, brings to Hamlet's speech, "To Be or not to be."
  2. What emanates from the actor? What, from the director?