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  "I know now that Spinney didn't see Jennie, but all I knew then was that she kept a watchful eye on me as though I were a patient that needed watching. I was happy when I realized that it was Saturday, and that I could scarsely wait to find out what Jennie was going to present to me as Hammerstein's. But alas, there was no sign of Jennie. Apparently, she had forgotten."  

Hammerstein's Victoria Theater c. 1900,  Gurtrude Rutledge
  Hammerstein's Victoria Theater, 1481 Broadway, New York, c. 1900  
  In Portrait of Jennie, set in 1939, Jennie is a personage returning from the past. Her parents, vaudevillians, played Hammerstein's Victoria Theater at the dawn of the twentieth century, where Jennie insists they continue to perform.  
  S.L. "Roxy" Rothafel acquired Hammerstein's Victoria in 1916, demolished most of it, and errected in its place the Rialto, an art deco movie palace.