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Promotional Photos for Queen of the Movies (1914). Imported from Germany (Die Kino Koenigin), Queen of the Movies was a comic opera that opened on Broadway January 12, 1914 and ran until April 11, 1914. The show was, perhaps, one last bouquet of "la belle époque" (the beautiful era) that began the twentieth century. World War One erupted August 4, 1914, when Germany invaded Belgium.

Movies incited censors and, in response, derision or levity even before World War One. In Queen of the Movies, an absent-minded and libidinous scientist heads an organization to suppress movies until a hidden movie camera captures him embracing a movie star.

“In the night where the light-hearted love,
For the cares of the day are forgot,
It’s the time both for laughter and for love,
While the moon winks from up above.”

"In the Night" from Queen of the Movies (Jean Gilbert, score, Glen MacDonough & Edward A. Paulton, lyrics)

Alice Dovey, Queen of the Movies