In a movie Palace in Chattanooga Tennessee

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From somewhere he reaches to her out of the screen...
"How I could love you....How I could love you..."
And in darkness she whispers, "Yes."
Call the woman in the plush seat Hattie McGrew from Multonsboro Tennessee. Say she was her high school valedictorian, the girl most likely to succeed, Juliet in the senior class play and mother of four children whom she dresses in identical clothes cut from a single bolt of cloth.
Above the movie theater hangs a sky so clear that the Milky Way seems to tumble as a torrent in a stream.
The woman in the movie is Catherine Dale Owen. Directors in the early 30s cast her as unattainable princess of love (as in life perhaps she was). It was to Catherine Dale Owen that John Gilbert declared his love in His Glorious Night, the movie that transformed him from romantic lead to laughing stock.
Evelyn Nesbit (1884-1967)
June 25, 1906, Harry Kendall Thaw, her husband then, shot and killed Stanford White, the architect.
Metropolitan Opera star Lawrence Tibbett woes Catherine Dale Owen (as Princess Vera) in The Rogue Song, the first all sound, all color musical.