This iMovie exercise teaches:

● How to detach audio from picture track
● How to tone voice-overs using speech enhancer, vocal transformer, and tremolo
● How to complement or counterpoint picture track action with voice-over

(Instructions for Windows Movie Maker are here).
1. Download these files. They are a brief segment from Portrait of Jennie (1948) and a practice voiceover. The practice voiceover for you to insert into the movie is a voice as if from nowhere, this.

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Portrait of Jennie
  2. Create a new Movie Maker standard project. Call it "Voiceover." Import "portrait.mov" into your collections and drag it into the project.  
  3. To tuck in a voiceover as Jennie's inner voice, drag "Voicieover1.wav" into the project immediately following Jennie's dialogue, "I guess that's just my funny mind."  
4. Convert "Voicieover1.wav"into Eben's auditory hallucination. Drag it over the shot showing Eben's view of closed-eye Jennie. Portrait of Jennie

  5. Transform "Voicieover1.wav" into Eben's voiceover, not Jennie's. In Garage Band or any audio file transforming software, modify the pitch, echo, and reverb of "Voicieover1.wav." (In Garage Band, Vocals>Deeper Voice>Master Echo 10%> Master Reverberation 35%). Drag the altered voiceover into the project over the shot showing Eben's view of closed-eye Jennie.  
  6. Replace "Voicieover1.wav" with the altered voiceover. (It now becomes the thought that Jennie's face provokes in Eben).
  7. Return "Voicieover1.wav" to its original "I guess that's just my funny mind" position.  
  8. Give Jennie's voiceover primacy over the original film sound track by ducking it. (Inspector>Audio>Ducking 15%). Duck Eben's voiceover, too. (Inspector>Audio>Ducking 15%).
  9. Create your own iMovie voiceovers to further compliment or counterpoint the picture track. (Voiceover>select insertion point>click to record>click to terminate recording). When you have enhanced or transformed your voices to your own satisfaction, substitute them for "Voicieover1.wav."  
  You're done! Want to experiment more?  
  9. Detach the original sound track from the picture track. (Select>Detach audio). Remove it from the project (Select>Delete). Create a voiceover sound montage section by layering upon one another multiple Jennie's voiceovers, Eben's voiceovers, and a new music track of your own choice.