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"Movie Industry Pledges Cooperation with the Government."
The Library of Congress describes the meeting this way:
"At a conference with President Roosevelt today, a group of motion picture company executives, led by Will Hays, emphasized the desire of the industry to cooperate with the government. In the front row, left to right: Barney Balaban, Paramount; Harry Cohn, Columbia Pictures; Nicholas Schenck, Lowe's; Will Hays, and Leo Spitz, RKO. artists: Sidney Kent, 20th Century Fox; N.J. Blumberg, Universal; and Albert Warner, Warners Bros., 6/25/38"
Returning Will Hays' smile, Nick Schenck centers the picture.
Hollywood's "creative bookkeeping" was the topic for discussion. Columnist Ray Tucker subsequently described the gathering as a knuckle-rapping for scoundrels. "F.D.R. had their box office numbers, obscene advertising, tax evasions, and slapped their ears back until each one looked like Joe E. Brown. They promised to reform, however, when the president put them on probation, and immediately named a clean up committee headed by one of the industry's ablest magnates."