This iMovie exercise teaches:

• How to create the illusion of motion from a series of still images
• How fast images must change to simulate motion
• How to create slow motion, normal speed, and time lapse shots
• How the movie you see begins as the movie you imagine

(Instructions for Windows Movie Maker are here).
  1. Download these images to your computer.  
  2. In iMovie, create a new project. Select Standard (4:3) aspect ratio for your movie. Title your new movie, "Intermittency."  
  3. In the iMovie tool bar, choose File->Project Properties-> Initial Photo Placement->Fit in Frame. Click OK.  
  4. Drag "boxing 1.01.jpg" from "Boxers" into the iMovie project window. Repeat with "boxing 1.02.jpg" to "boxing 1.12.jpg."  
  5. View the image sequence. Default iMovie default duration setting for photos is four seconds. Click any image. With “Applies to all stills” checked, change the duration to 0.4 seconds. Review the sequence. Click an image again. Change the duration for all stills to whatever briefer duration seems to simulate live action.
  6. View the image sequence. If you set duration at 0.1 second, your movies now runs 1.2 seconds. Cool! You’re done.
  Want to keep playing?  
  7. To add a sound, click on the music note symbol beneath the iMovie viewer. Select a sound file from iMovie, iLife, or your own iTunes library. Drag it to the project window.
  8. To add a video effect to a single image, click it. If necessary, select “Clip” in the Inspector Panel. Click “Video Effect” and select the effect you desire. iMovie applies it to the clip when you click “Done.”  
  9. In the tool bar, choose Share->Export Movie->Mobile. Title your movie “Intermittency.” Click “Export.”
  9. Play your movie with a QuickTime Player (or any viewer that plays .m4v files). In the tool bar, choose View->Loop to loop it.
  10. Send out your movie to the world if you feel the urge. To burn a DVD, choose Share->iDVD in the tool bar. To post to iTunes, choose Share->iTunes. Or share to your account at YouTube, Facebook,Vimeo, CNN iReport, or Podcast Producer.