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Sidney Lust's Regent Theater, 2021 18th Street, Washington, D.C. October 27, 1920

President Wilson, who led America during World War One, still occupied the White House (1.4 miles down 18th street from Lust's theater) on October 27, 1920, when a photographer created the glass plate image above.
Wilson wrote in the White House that evening that, the war concluded, the world would careen from crisis to crisis until America committed to the League of Nations. "Governments of the world..promised their people not only that Germany would be prevented from carrying out her plot, but the world would be safeguarded in the future from similar designs...We have now to choose whether we will make good or quit."
Wilson's concerns are nowhere evident in the posters. In the presidential election one week later, voters rejected Wilson's advice.
At the start of World War One, on August 17, 1914, not quite a week before Germany invaded France, Henry Burr recorded "In the Palace of Dreams."