This iMovie exercise teaches:

● How to create an animatic
● How to create a photomatic
● How to insert subtitles into a movie
● How to sequence shots using a storyboard

(Instructions for Windows Movie Maker are here).

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  1. Download these images, the storyboard images for this exercise. On an editor's wall, these storyboard sketches would resemble this.  
  2. Create a new iMovie standard project. Call it "Storyboard." Project Properties>Timing>Photo Duration>4.0>Applies When Added to Project>Initial Photo Placement. Fit In Frame.  
  3. Read this passage, modified from a scene on pp. 221-223 of A Crack In Everything, a mystery novel by Angela Gerst.  
  4. Read this script page. It breaks into shots and dialogue the action on pp. 221-223. The storyboard images you already downloaded visualize the script as shots.  
  Drag the storyboard images into the project. Begin with Crack1.jpg and proceed to Crack15.jpg.  
  5. Allocate to each image the time you imagine it would require on screen. (Select a clip>Window>Clip Adjustments>Duration).  
  6. Print your storyboard sequence.(File>Print Project). Think about it. Might a different sequence tell the story more dramatically?  
  7. Try out alternative sequences. Should you foreshadow the close up of the intruder by dragging a duplicate to flash between the first shot and second? Should you reverse the order of the first and second shots? (That's why you're creating an animatic!)  
  8. Over images where dialogue belongs (consult the script), add subtitles. (Select Clip>Window>Titles>Lower Third>Subtitle. Type in text. Select a color, font, and size that maximizes visibility).  
  9. Adjust the color of each image. (Select>Video Effect>Sci Fi).  
  10. Where they would heighten tension, add zooms and pans. (Select>Window. Cropping, Ken Burns, & Rotation>Ken Burns effect).  
  11. If you can, repeat the process to create a photomatic, this time using photo instead of drawings.  
  12. Depending on the choices you made, your sequence might look something like this animatic.