“Now I have a close up. Let me show what he sees. Let’s assume he saw a woman holding a baby in her arms. Now we cut back to his reaction to what he sees, and he smiles. Now what is he as a character? He is a kindly man. He is sympathetic. Now let’s take the middle piece of film away, the woman with the child, but leave his two pieces of film as they were. Now we’ll put in a piece of film of a girl in a bikini. He looks—girl in a bikini—he smiles. What is he now? A dirty old man. He’s no longer the benign gentleman who loves babies. That’s what film can do for you."

    Alfred Hitchcock (1964)
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Give meaning to shots...linking them.


You Do It Now: Re-run Kuleshov’s experiment, this time using contemporary footage. You find step-by-step instructions and the shots you’ll need in button below.
"31st air squadron. Of the workers & peasants Red Army. June 15th, 1920. City of Verkheudinsk. In the Far East."
Lenin postcard
"Comrades, Red Army men! The capitalists of Britain, America and France are waging war against Russia. They are taking revenge on the Soviet workers’ and peasants’ republic for having overthrown the power of the landowners and capitalists and thereby set an example to all the nations of the globe..."